Sunday, 7 July 2013

Making The Ultimate Sniper Paintball Gun

Do you want to know how to build the ultimate Tippman sniper paintball gun? There is much controversy in the paintball world when it comes to snipers. Many believe that there is no such thing, as paintballs don't fly straight and it is impractical to snipe. Others believe that although all markers have the same range, a good homemade gun can hit from long range.


Purchase a decent barrel - for the ultimate sniper paintball gun, there are a variety of lengths and materials that can drastically increase your accuracy. The two things that most influence your accuracy are the paintball and barrel combination. A Flatline Barrel System by Tippmann which is proven to increase range. If you don't get a flatline, a barrel 14-16 inches, will do just fine.

Do not get anything longer than 16 inches, it will only hurt your accuracy, as it takes more force to push the ball through the barrel and you will have to increase the velocity adjuster. You can match the size of your barrel to the size of the paintballs you are shooting. Make sure your barrel has the right threading. E.g. the A5 takes different threading than the 98 custom. Size does count!!!!!

A good paintball match to your barrel - All paintballs say .68 they are caliber, but all brands still aren't all exactly the same size. If the paintballs you are shooting do not match your barrel, they will either not shoot straight or they will burst in the barrel.

You can tell if the paintball matches the barrel by removing your barrel and dropping a paintball in it. If it just rolls out, the paintball is too small; if it gets stuck when you blow into the barrel, it is too big. It needs not to fall out but go through easily whenever you blow into the barrel.

Reduce friction within the marker -Tippmanns make the best sniper paintball guns, they are however one of the most popular markers for woodsball and many people "snipe" with them, but from the factory Tippmanns have paint residue in the receiver where the bolts move that causes friction.

If you polish the contact points between the front bolt, rear bolt, and the receivers, you can drastically decrease friction within the marker, making the Tippmann shoot much more consistently. And consistency is just as important as accuracy. Paintball gun review has proved that the Tippmann is the best paintball gun on the market and would work best as a sniper paintball gun.

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